In order to ensure that the curriculum is accessible to all pupils, the school provides for pupils with additional learning needs through classroom support and/or withdrawal for small groups or individual tuition.

The department is responsible under the direction of the Additional Needs Coordinator, for ensuring that the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice for Wales April 2002 is implemented.

A copy of the the school’s Additional Learning Needs Policy can be obtained from the school office.

Pupils are identified before entering the school by detailed information from the previous school, making contact with Primary Headteachers and parents, and through the Primary / Secondary teacher Co-ordinator. In September all pupils in Year 7 undergo a series of general screening tests which indicate their reading, understanding and numeracy levels. The School has a well resourced room for teaching small groups and for individual pupil support. The exceptionally able child is identified in the same process. There is an excellent working relationship with external agencies such as the Educational Psychologist, Social Services etc.



We have a centre for learners with additional learning needs incorporating classrooms, quiet room, multi-sensory room and changing rooms.



Our aim is to do our utmost to ensure that pupils who suffer from any disability – physical, mental or a learning disability – are admitted to Ysgol y Preseli.

We firmly believe in equal access to the curriculum as well as equal opportunity to children with physical, mental or learning disabilities. In order to achieve this we liaise with the parents and the Education Authority to decide on the best programme of study for each individual child. The success of the programme provided is monitored annually and modified as necessary. This is done in consultation with the parents at the Annual Review Meeting.

The Disability Discrimination Act places a duty on schools to prepare a Disability Equality Scheme outlining the steps a school intends to take to promote disability equality and a related action plan for a three month period.