The aim of the school is to ensure that all our pupils are fluent in both languages – Welsh and English – orally and in writing. In order to achieve this aim all subjects are taught through the medium of Welsh. In September 2005 we established two streams with regard to teaching Mathematics and Science, one Welsh medium stream and one English medium stream. We will discuss carefully with you which stream will be more suitable for your child. Pupils are expected to communicate – orally and in writing – through the medium of Welsh in all subjects except if they are studying Mathematics and Science through the medium of English.

Welsh is the administrative language of the school in respect of internal announcements, internal information, school assemblies etc. All extra curricular activities are also conducted through the medium of Welsh. In addition, pupils are expected to speak Welsh to each other outside of the classroom. We insist on this in order to ensure that all pupils become fluent orally in Welsh by the time that they leave school.

All external communications that you receive from the school will be bilingual – in Welsh and English. School reports on pupil progress will be sent to parents in Welsh unless parents make a request to receive them in English. We expect parents who send their children to Ysgol y Preseli to be enthusiastic for their children to pursue their learning through the medium of Welsh. A positive and supportive attitude towards bilingual education is essential.


In order to ease the transition from the primary school to the bilingual school specific arrangements have been implemented.

  • Pupils who intend joining the bilingual school but who require help with their language skills will come to the Language Unit on the campus of Ysgol y Preseli for certain periods from the Easter half term onwards.

  • One of the teachers responsible for the language development of the pupils in the Language Unit will then transfer with the pupils to Ysgol y Preseli and will help the pupils in the lessons where subjects are taught through the medium of Welsh.

  • Every teacher who teaches through the medium of Welsh will work closely with members of the Welsh department. This will ensure that language skills taught in Welsh will be used and strengthened in other subject areas. This is a well tried and very successful method of developing pupils’ language abilities at Ysgol y Preseli.