Regular school attendance is considered to be of great importance at Ysgol Y Preseli. Without it, all our efforts to provide high quality education come to nothing; if a child is not present at school they cannot learn or reach their true potential. For these reasons we discourage parents from taking their children on holiday during term time. We aim to have the maximum attendance rates possible for our pupils. There will, of course, be just and valid reasons why pupils cannot attend school on occasions, but we have systems in place to monitor and investigate absences across the school. The school Attendance Policy outlines our practice and procedures for maintaining a high level of pupil attendance.

If your child is absent even for one day, please contact 01239 831009.


We expect parents to:

  • Encourage their children to attend school regularly.

  • Ensure that they contact school when their child is/has been unable to attend school.

  • Ensure that their children arrive at school on time and well prepared for the day ahead.

  • Contact the school whenever problems occur which may keep their child away from school.


We expect the following from all pupils:

  • That they will attend school regularly.

  • That they will arrive on time and appropriately prepared for the day.

  • That they will inform a member of staff of any problem that may prevent them from attending.

Our school target for this academic year is 95.5%